Apr 14

Neil Creek’s Photo Tips 01 – What’s in my bag?

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Apr 14

Old film photography returns

An exhibit at the Studio 19 exhibiting the old age craft of film photography is starting in Wollongong, offering a rough appearance at the day to day life of Illawarra artists. These days, if you had to take a snap, you use your digital camera or your smartphone. No matter what you are using, it is not expected to use a traditional camera. But, this is exactly what Nina Kourea, and Wollongong artist, has asked people to do for her new exhibit.

The photographers were let 1 roll of twenty four exposures film, clicked over the course of 1 day. The results were artistic and all of them share the character of being created with old photographic art form.

According to reports, Nina told that this is not really perfect and this is something that he loves about it. She added that the amount of perfection in digital photography drives her mad, but she just loves the raw image, and that is something that she loves about this exhibit.

Meanwhile, After 5 years, Austin Center for Photography is set to shot down their shop later this year. Following a banner initial year, the membership revenue went down to 87 percent going into this year and the attendance went down to thirty five percent.

The Center’s top achievement is their Icons of Photography series. It introduced some of the top photographers in Austin.

Mar 14

Photo Composition – Two Minute Photo Tips

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Feb 14

4 Tips to Becoming A Better Photographer

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Jan 14

How to Photograph a Headshot

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Jan 14

Lecture Brings Worldwide Wildlife to SB Stage

Joel Sartore, the National Geographic photographer started Arts & Lectures’ winter season at the Campbell Hall yesterday along with a lecture called Close Encounters: Grizzlies, Piranhas and Man-eating Pigs as part of the series named National Geographic Live.

As not just a photographer; Joel, as also a speaker, conservationist and author, concentrates his work primarily on the documentation of sceneries and endangered species. His talk aimed on his views on wildlife as well as conservation as a twenty year old National Geographic photography veteran and his vast experiences covering wildlife in every continent of the world.
National Geographic Live has been held by the UCSB Arts & Lectures periodically for the past ten years. The program goes on endlessly between the year 2004 and 2007 and he was revived in the year 2011 following a 4 year break. The program, this year, started in Fall Quarter along with a presentation on the birds of paradise. Continue reading →

Dec 13

Creative Photos & Restrictions – Two Minute Photo Tips

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Nov 13

Modeling, posing, fashion photography tips, for models and photographers – incl camera settings

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Nov 13

Photography Institute makes 6 years

The Photography Institute, which is one of the foremost online photo education curricula in the world, is happy to celebrate its 6 years of accomplishment in New Zealand, as well as recruiting over three thousand educated and well trained students.

Photography Institutes spokesperson told that they were relishing this important milestone in New Zealand. They were not just teaching their students regarding photography. They are offering them a real footing from which to make a flourishing career in the industry.

Registering over three thousand students is a big achievement for this online program. Students know quite well that when they come to them for their coaching, they were going to get the best. They plan to carry on expanding and increasing their offerings to students, as well as increasing their world renowned reputation.

The Photography Institute is a whippy online program that allowing students to get to know from the coursework planned by George Seper, the well known freelance photographer. He has got a reputation for being one of the top snappers in the world. He was a top regular contributor to well known publications such as Cosmopolitan, GQ and Vogue. Seper is also popular for inspiring the world of food photography.

The Photography Institute students relish several of other benefits that include getting real world knowledge as well as skills required to be a successful photographer. The students can also take advantage of an intimate tutor through the program.

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